Banking Courses

Banking Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various banking courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Bank Financial Management courses begin by identifying and explaining the many instruments and markets banks use and operate in. It then provides an overview of the roles of banks and other financial organisations in advanced financial systems and the value they add to economies. Balance sheet and profit and loss statements are analysed to understand banks' commercial and investment activities. Financial ratios from these statements are calculated to compare commercial banks' relative financial performance and areas for improvement. A bank's credit and interest rate exposures are also considered as well as methods to quantify and manage them.

The course also considers the financial development of economies from a barter system to the current complex international system based on money. It analyses the cause and solution to the current global financial crisis from a banking perspective.



Bank Risk Management
Credit Management
Retail Banking Course
Banking Services And Marketing Strategies
Principles Of Banking And Finance