Telecommunications Essentials

Telecommunications Essentials Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Telecommunications Essentials courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. This Telecommunications Essentials training course provides you with a working understanding and appreciation of the features, functions and modern implementations of telecommunication networks. All major market penetrations are discussed, concentrating on the universal goal of converging all applications (voice, data, image, video...) onto one network and providing the appropriate quality of service for each




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Key Features of the Program

As a result of taking this telecommunications training, you will be able to:
Define basic terminology and concepts of communications networks
Compare and contrast packet switching and circuit switching
Explain the operation of private circuits
Describe high speed WWANs services
Discuss performance factors associated with network cabling
Illustrate the operation of cellular private radio systems
Examine DSL and ISDN
Describe telephone signalling methods
Examine the features and ATM and Frame Relay
Discuss GEO and LEO Satellite Systems


Who Should Attend this Course?

Regulatory Authorities




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