Real Telecoms MBA

Real Telecoms MBA Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Regulation Of Telecommunications Services courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. More than ever before, the dynamics and fast pace of the new Telecom Service environment require cross-functional experts who master complexity and go beyond the silo thinking. This "Mini-MBA" program prepares participants to move into more senior positions or into functions away from their base education. It provides you with the intellectual capital needed to excel as a high-performance manager in this fast moving industry.




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Key Features of the Program

At the end of this course you will be able to:
Develop an all-round view of how successful Telecom organizations operate
Understand the fundamental of a Telecom company's core business disciplines
Know how to implement strategies effectively through people and different departments
Improve you personal business understanding and career potential
Become an active contributor to the change process for your own company
What will I do in this program?


Who Should Attend this Course?

Commissioners, Directors and Key Staff of telecommunications Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Agencies, and Commissions
Legal officers in the telecommunications industry
Policies and Projects officers

Courses Available

Telecommunications Essentials
Regulation Of Telecommunications Services
Telecoms Market Analysis & Evaluation
The Real Telecoms MBA