Strategic Public Relations Management

Strategic Public Relations Management Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Strategic Public Relations courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. The curriculum for Strategic Public Relations and Protocol training course is designed for both executives new to the role and mid-level executives who want to build on their existing knowledge of working in this area of PR. Week one of this course introduces PR as a discipline distinct from marketing and advertising with its unique role to play in business and government. Emphasis is placed on PR channels such as print, radio, and television which are important in influencing public opinion.




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Training consultants also discuss how PR strategies need to relate to the modern international media landscape characterised by the internet, mobile technology, and social media. In order for stories to have an impact on the news, it is necessary to understand the basis of what makes a good story and how to write for media, as well as assessing target markets effectively so that messages are delivered to the right audience. These areas are also covered in the first week. Increasingly, Public Relations departments are undertaking the duties of protocol and travel management as part of corporate PR strategy. The lessons in week two of this course therefore examine how to develop successful strategic planning for overseas travel, from obtaining visas and organising accommodation to meeting and receiving international VIPs. The schedule analyses how Protocol and Travel responsibilities should be integrated into an overall PR programme as well as techniques for the successful planning of exhibitions, conferences, visits and events. Discussions also cover effective planning of domestic travel arrangements.


Key Features of the Program

To build on existing knowledge of Strategic Public Relations
To apply the tactical skills required for working in Strategic Public Relations
To capitalise on developments in technology
To manage the key aspects of protocol
To learn tips, tools and techniques to arrange business travel
To meet the expectation of those involved in protocol and travel arrangements



Who Should Attend this Course?

Protocol officers
Travel offices
Travel executives
Public relations officers
Public relations executives




Courses Available

Public Relations, Communication and Media
Strategic Public and Relations Management
Managing Security, Protocol and Logistics Management
Advanced Protocol and Events Management