Oil & Gas budget And Forecasting

Oil and Gas Budgeting and Forecasting Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Oil and Gas courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. To stay on top, companies must constantly re-examine the budgeting and forecasting models they use in their decision making processes to ensure they are up-to date and incorporate the latest in budgeting and forecasting best practices.
Is there an opportunity to expand take advantage of a weaker competitor? Where can costs be optimised? How does a drop of 10% in oil price affect profit? To support all these decisions, sound budgeting and forecasting is essential.


This course provides participants with an understanding of both the principles of budgeting and forecasting and the practical application of these to real-world situations through the use of Excel. It then builds upon the principles and practices learnedto apply these to build sophisticated budgets and forecasts that are robust, flexible and user-friendly.
This course covers budgeting and forecasting for both upstream and down-stream businesses


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Key Features of the Program

Improve efficiencies in the budgeting and forecasting processes by gaining valuable skills in advanced Excel functions
Allow for uncertainty and model different business scenarios
Apply a sound methodology that will allow complex Budget and Forecast models that are flexible, robust and user-friendly
Advanced ways of analysing data to determine trends and using these to forecast future performance
Utilize external data to enhance the accuracy of forecasts
Alternate budget methodologies and how to determine which methodology applies best in different situations
Use the advanced features of Excel to optimize models and achieve maximum efficiency within constraintsWho Should Attend this Course?


Who Should Attend this Course


Business unit & Departmental Managers

Business & Financial Analysts

Finance Managers & Financial Controllers

Budgeting/Forecasting Managers

Financial Advisors & Managers
PLUS anyone who is in need of a good understanding of budgeting & forecasting






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