Performance Management And Development

Performance Management And Development Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Performance Management And Development courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Performance Management is a critical and necessary component for individual and organizational effectiveness. It presents managers and supervisors with a clear model they can follow to plan, monitor, analyze and maintain a satisfying process of performance improvement of their staff. Whether you are managing a group of workers, providing feedback to your boss or peers or focusing on your own performance, performance management is a process needed for improvement to occur.




Without assessment and feedback, we have no basis for focusing our efforts to improve. Real gains in performance require a thoughtful and committed process of evaluation and feedback. There are many steps and nuances to complete the process, and if these are not done well or are short circuited, the process can fail and performance will suffer.



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Key Features of the Program

Participants will cover the following areas of interest during this 1 week course. You will learn:

The performance management System
Introduction to performance management
Organizational Drivers
Performance Objectives
Performance management process
HR practices interlinked with performance management



Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is intended for compensation/HR practitioners and line managers who are designing and administering performance management systems, or who are responsible for development and implementing a performance rewards strategy




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Performance Management And Development