Developing National Pension Policies

Developing National Pension Policies Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Developing National Pension Policies courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Conflict Developing an inclusive and cohesive national pension policy programme intends to provide participants with a clear understanding of the complex conceptual and practical issues involved in the design and implementation of national pension and social security systems.  Every economy is facing challenges in securing the financial well-being of its retired workforce in the face of changing economic and demographic parameters, these challenges are likely to become more acute as time progresses. To develop an effective national policy requires a robust understanding of the numerous choices available for providing old-age income and their relevance/efficacy for each segment of the national workforce (public, private and informal sectors). The choices made today will impact the financial security of future generations as well as the national economy, thus they need to be made with great care. The programme is intended for all stakeholders involved in pension and social security policy formulation and implementation. These include law makers, policy formulators, key staff of national implementing agencies and others.



The programme will also provide an opportunity for participants to discuss challenges and issues specific to pensions and social security  systems in their own country, and identify possible solutions for adoption or further investigation.



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Key Features of the Program

The conceptual framework of pension and social security systems
Diagnostic techniques, benchmarks and assessment tools to determine equity, adequacy and sustainability of pension and social security systems
The processes of developing and designing pension and social security reforms for different segments of the workforce
Choices relating to financing of pension and social security systems for funded systems
The basic principles of pension governance and investment management
The role and importance of the core elements of regulation and supervision
Learn from international experience and country examples



Who Should Attend this Course?

All levels of management, executives, team leaders, HR Managers, Front line and Middle Managers, Consultants, and HR Specialists who wish to increase their knowledge in this area. The course also benefits HR consultants and freelancers whose job is to consult in recruitment and HRM.




Courses Available

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Developing National Pension Policies
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