Conflict Management Conciliation Mediation

Conflict Management Conciliation Mediation Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Conflict Management Conciliation Mediation courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Conflict and conflict resolution are useful areas of focus to better understand human behaviour. Learning how to resolve conflict constructively is a necessary part for the growth and development of individuals, organizations and societies. Understanding the dynamics of conflict will provide conflict resolvers and related professionals with practical tools and strategies to address the essential forces that shape the development of individuals, organizations and social entities.



Negotiation and conflict management are common occurrences in workplaces and our personal lives because people see things from different perspectives and do not always agree with one another. Conflict, contrary to general belief, need not be dysfunctional. Where properly managed, conflicts can lead to positive outcomes, such as improved understanding, better alternatives and increased satisfaction. In this elective, we will introduce and examine the various conflict management and negotiation strategies and techniques. Participants will be introduced to how the application of creative thinking to conflict situations can help generate collaborative (win-win) solutions. Formal dispute resolution mechanisms including mediation and arbitration will also be covered.




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Key Features of the Program

The course is intended to help delegates to accomplish the following learning objectives:

to understand the nature of conflict and that conflict can serve a functional purpose
to learn the various strategies and techniques to manage conflicts
to be able to apply the most appropriate conflict resolution method to the situation
to gain practical experience on negotiations and other dispute resolution mechanisms




Who Should Attend this Course?

All levels of management, executives, team leaders, HR Managers, Front line and Middle Managers, Consultants, and HR Specialists who wish to increase their knowledge in this area. The course also benefits HR consultants and freelancers whose jobis to consult in recruitment and HRM.




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