Healthcare Quality Management

Healthcare Quality Management Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Healthcare Quality Management courses in Cape Town, as full time classes.  The principal objectives of this course is to enable participants to:
Create a dynamic forum for examining public health policies and practices.
Increase knowledge about science-based interventions in chronic disease prevention and control
Provide enriched opportunities for information exchange and networking among diverse professionals
Engage people more directly where they live, work and play and encourage them to do what they can to protect and preserve their health and the health of those they care about.
Work more closely with other sectors of our society whose actions are important to health, such as schools, work sites, faith-based organizations.
Help communities everywhere make better decision that affect health choices.
Strengthen the science base to improve understanding of casual factors for health disparities and the design of interventions to improve the health of individuals and communities.




The course will focus on efforts to eliminate health disparities and will explore more rigorous approaches for accomplishing the health of people by 2020, as proclaimed by WHO.


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Key Features of the Program

The major goal of the course on health promotion and disease prevention is to accelerate the rate of progress in improving the lives of those at highest risk for poor health, including minority groups and low-income and less educated populations in African countries.



Who Should Attend this Course?

Target audiences include researchers, public health practitioners at all levels of government, community and health advocates, social workers, policy makers, behavioural scientists, hospital administrators, health plan administrators and payers, law enforcement personnel, educators, justice workers, businesses, technology workers, urban planners, rural and migrant health specialists, politicians, and consumer groups.




Courses Available

Basic Health Economics
Basic Healthcare Finance

Diploma In Health Information Management
Healthcare Quality Management
Medium Term Expenditure Framework: Budgeting Health Financing