Budgeting Health Financing

Budgeting Health Financing Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Budgeting Health Financing courses in Cape Town, as full time classes.  The Course is designed for policy-makers in the health sector or in charge of social policy, senior managers of service-provider organizations and experts involved in health system reform. The course reviews effective policy instruments to improve health system performance through better health financing policy.



The course is built around the following modules:

Coordinating reform - aligning policy instruments with policy objectives
Raising revenues  - thinking outside the box
Pooling health revenues  - the cost of fragmentation
Purchasing  - getting more health for the money

"This is an amazing course: extremely well rounded yet compact, built on a strong scientific and theoretical base brought to life via a panorama of in-depth, reform-specific country cases and very dynamic, participant-driven presentations."

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Key Features of the Program

Health Financing
Health Economics
Medium term Expenditure Framework
Health Financing and Donor Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Health Policy and Public Health Intervention
Practical -Group Presentation




Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is designed to be of considerable benefit to project and program teams, leaders/managers responsible for Health and other related sectors in health. Any other cadre or persons wishing to improve their skills in this area can also benefit. Women managers and all health related staff are encouraged to apply.





Courses Available

Basic Health Economics
Basic Healthcare Finance

Diploma In Health Information Management
Healthcare Quality Management
Medium Term Expenditure Framework: Budgeting Health Financing