Basic Health Finance

Basic Health Finance Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Basic Health Finance courses in Cape Town, as full time classes.  The increasing complexity of health care costs can be difficult to decipher. Understanding financial terminology is financial literacy. Reading the numbers and knowing what they represent is financial acumen. Whether you are budgeting and forecasting for a small unit or an entire department, the ability to make sound financial decisions is an essential skill for managers. However, developing financial acumen is not just for managers - a truly innovative organization is comprised of employees who can think critically about the processes and systems in their department. Cultivating employees' knowledge of the financial underpinnings of systems and processes is more likely to encourage critical thinking and lead to new ideas and solutions in health care delivery.



Health Care Finance for Non-Financial Managers offers Delegates who do not have a finance background the opportunity to learn about and practice financial management as those disciplines apply to health care institutions. By the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of financial accounting and reporting, financial analysis, managerial and cost accounting, and budgeting. Students will be able to apply financial techniques to the analysis of the health care environment, to improving value in health care services and to organizational decision making.


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Key Features of the Program

Health care finance overview
Managerial accounting and financial analysis
Financial management tools



Who Should Attend this Course?

Managers of hospitals and health maintenance organizations, nursing professionals who are interested in advancing to more senior management and administrative roles, consultants, HR professionals, and other non-financial healthcare professionals seeking a greater understanding of the financial issues facing hospitals and health care organizations.



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Basic Healthcare Finance

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