Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Power Purchase Agreements courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. The global trend of the electricity sector moving from government controlled monopoly services to liberalized market places creates a highly complex regulatory scene, where all technical, operational, regulatory, market interfacing and commercial requirements for long-term basis should be captured in the Power Purchase Agreement. There are different models for power purchase agreements. The earlier models are evolving to cover diverging generation types and the increasing technical complexity required to operate and dispatch generation capacity of renewable and dispersed micro generation. Power Purchase




Agreements can be done in many ways, subject to the priority of the requirements. This course has been specifically developed to guide you through the process of negotiating and drafting these complex agreements. It will highlight different structures, content and financing. Review the key challenges faced in the context of current agreements, provide you with robust understanding the commercial, financial and legal considerations.


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Key Features of the Program

Understand the complexity of power purchase agreements to assess the impact for your business
Evaluate your current power purchase agreements and position yourself to influence the stakeholders involved
Broaden your knowledge of power purchase agreements on a global scale to evaluate opportunities
Review the maturity of the agreement steps to map out progress
Identify available enablers for robust power purchase agreements to support your development
Grasp the complex aspects of these agreements to manage your risk
Review to what extent the power purchase agreements will be beneficial for various market conditions
Boost your practical knowledge through actual case studies taken from real-life scenarios



Who Should Attend this Course?

Network operators
Governments and regulators
Renewable power suppliers
Large power users
Independent power producers





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