Financing Power Projects

Financing Power Projects Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Financing Power Projects courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Understanding the fundamentals of project finance is a vital tool to operate in the power sector. Market drivers such as conducive legislative and economic conditions are encouraging investment in new power projects and the public and private sectors alikeseek to increase generation capacity and supply the ever increasing demand for electricity. This course has been designed to allow you to confidently navigate these opportunities effectively, while making sound investment decisions and ensure maximum return.


Our esteemed project finance facilitator, Malcolm Sullivan, will provide the knowledge and principles you need to make sound investment decisions. This holistic and comprehensive course looks at the fundamental principles of project finance from the perspective of all stakeholders and accounts for a rapidly changing risk landscape, through heightened risk mitigation models. You will be equipped to source and evaluate finance options as well as review and sensitise a finance model within the context of a real life case study.

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Key Features of the Program

Evaluate the various debt financing options for a project, both on a finance basis as well as other corporate debt financing options
Understand the motivations of key stakeholders in projects and implications for the financing approach
Assess risk and return issues for both debt providers and equity investors in the project in order to develop an appropriate capital structure
Review and sensitise a financial model in the context of a power project
Build your knowledge of practical application through case studies and exercises from real life Power projects


Who Should Attend this Course?

Commercial managers
Project managers and engineers
Corporate treasure Contractors
Lawyers and other professional advisors
Investment managers investing in project backed bonds




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