Energy Planning And Financial Management

Energy Planning And Financial Management Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Financing Power Projects courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. This intensive program has been specifically developed to address the modelling issues that are specific to developing a project in the Power sector. It will enable you to create, use and analysea project finance model. These skills can be used to support credit approvals and reviews by lenders and to support organisations which run or sponsor projects. This will be done by reviewing best practice in model structures and logic, developing a fully-integrated model in stages, and using tools to assess the model outputs, particularly in sensitivity analysis.




Unique Power Case Study: The continuous learning in this program is built around a unique case study based on the development of a financial model for a power generation green field site. Each section will be covered briefly as a module in a traditional class style, but the real learning experience will be found in the practical exercises within each module. Suggested solutions to each exercise based on
real-life scenarios will be provided and discussed. The course is very practical, as practice of newly-learned techniques enables a deeper and more effective building of skills


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Key Features of the Program

Examine structuring and best practice in financial modelling in the power sector
Learn how to build models to accommodate change
Evaluate funding structures and cash flow waterfalls that fit your commercial model
Develop an integrated modelling approach with balance sheets and P&L statements
Analyse using the outputs of the model - ratios, sensitivity analysis, scenarios to make effective decisions
Access the skills to use the model to assess and manage your risks effectively
Apply knowledge in interactive case studies and group exercises that illustrate the learning under the expert guidance of the trainee



Who Should Attend this Course?

The course is designed to support analysts within an organisation's Finance, Investment or Treasury divisions to create and analyse financial models on a consistent and focussed basis:
Project finance analysts
Capital spend analysts and controllers
Financial analysts in power sector companies
Analysts working for national regulators in the power sector
Bidders for New Generation Capacity projects for the Department of Energy
Managers responsible for budgeting and forecasting in the power sector






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