Energy Planning

Energy Planning Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Energy Planning courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Our public courses in the Energy and Power Industry performance improvement are jointly designed by Marketing and Energy specialists for Energy Professionals/Managers. This course is created to help you succeed in today's competitive markets. Our Participants rely on us to deliver the Intensive Coaching, Tuition, Practical Case-Studies, Educational Tours and expertise they need to achieve results.




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Key Features of the Program

Marketing Principles and International Trade
Entrepreneurship Principles and Practice
Trade Agreement and Policies in the Energy Industry
Developing EXIM (Export and Import) Strategies
The Impact of Globalization in Africa Energy Market
Environmental Impact Analysis
Communication and Network Analysis
Public, Media and Community Relations
Risk and Crisis Assessment/Management
Disaster Preparedness and Readiness
Change and Quality Management
Sustainable and Economic Development
E-Commerce and e-Government in the Energy Sector
Project and Research Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Energy and Power Policy Development
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Management
A Critical Examination of Solar Energy, Geothermal, Bio-Fuel, Wind, and Nuclear Energy
A Critical view of Bio-Mass, Hydro and Low Emission Fossil Fuel.



Who Should Attend this Course?

Energy & Power Technicians/Engineers/Managers
Marketing and Finance Managers/Supervisors/Directors
Economics and Development Officers/Managers/Directors
Trade and Industry Officers/Managers/Directors




Courses Available

Financing Power Projects
Business Strategies for Renewable Energy

Energy Planning And Financial Management
Power Purchase Agreements
Introduction To Energy Regulation
Energy Planning
Monitoring And Evaluation For Rural Energy Programs