Diploma In Records & Information Management

Diploma In Records & Information Management Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Diploma In Records & Information Management courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. The effective management of records and information is a key component of national development and good governance. Information underpins much of government business. Organised and well-managed records mean that government has ready access to authoritative sources of administrative, financial and legal information to support sound decision - making and the delivery of programmes and services. In addition it has the means of holding itself accountable for what it does and upholding the rights of its citizens.



This programme will address the range of issues encountered in the management of records and information, from paper - based records management system, through the automation of records management processes, to the management of electronic records. Every organizational activity from the management of finance and personnel to the delivery of services depends upon reliable information. Increasingly government and business are recognizing that information is a vital resource that needs to be carefully managed in order to achieve objectives. Designed on the basis of global best practice and extensive field experience this course aims to give you an increased awareness of the importance range and scope of records and information management and to develop skills in analysing designing and maintaining efficient records management systems.


The course provides detailed exploration of the issues involved in developing a records and information management improvement program



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Key Features of the Program


The course aims to give you an increased awareness of the challenges involved in managing electronic records as well as looking at strategic approaches to designing and implementing a programme to automate records management.

These courses can be taken individually as each cover a discrete subject area in its own rights. However each complement the other and taken together will give course participants comprehensive coverage of the entire range of records and information management issues.




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