Managing Electronic Records For Government

Managing Electronic Records For Government Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Managing Electronic Records For Government Bodies courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. Governmental bodies should recognize their responsibility to the public by implementing and maintaining sound records management practices. To ensure that records management receives attention it deserves, it should be a strategic objective in the governmental body's strategic and business plan. Heads of governmental bodies should also ensure that they budget for the records management function.


Not many governmental bodies have the capacity to implement fully automated Integrated Document and Records Management Systems. This does not however mean that they should not manage their electronic records. If these records are created to aid in decision-making and to perform transactions that support the governmental bodies, are responsible for the proper management of those records. If records generated in such an environment are not managed properly it can lead to the possible illegal destruction of records. To enhance their accountability, bodies should ensure that, even without the benefit of an Integrated Document and Records Management System, they exercise effective records management preservation strategies.


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Key Features of the Program

Manage electronic records in permanent forms & easy retrieval system
Manage a functional subject file plan according to which records are filed
Manage e-mail as records
Manage web-sites as records
Maintain the relationships between records and files, and between file series and the file plan
Identify records that are due for disposal and managing the disposal process
Associate the contextual and structural data within a document
Construct and manage audit trails
Manage record version control
Manage the integrity and reliability of records once they have been declared as such
Manage records in all formats in an integrated manner



Who should do this course?

Records and Archival Officers

Administrative Officers

Data Records Officers

Registry Officers

Database Managers

Executive Secretaries




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