Electronic Archiving & Records Management

Electronic Archiving & Records Management Courses in South Africa

2KO Africa offers various Electronic Archiving & Records Management courses in Cape Town, as full time classes.  Because digital information is being produced so much more rapidly than other forms, archives of the future will inevitably be libraries and archives of digital content. Just to keep pace with flood of new digital information, electronic archiving of thefuture will require means to collect, describe, make available, store and preserve digital information in the digital domain. Primarily due to their dependence on a rapidly changing technological infrastructure, digital resources are significantly less permanent than their paper-based equivalents. Their enduring accessibility into the future is far from assured. The challenge is too large and complex for any institution or country to solve on it's own.




Capturing, filing and retrieving documents is fast and efficient, even for employees with little technical expertise. Authorized users can call up any document in seconds from an intuitive Web browser interface, using virtually any search criteria. This not only eliminates the time and expense of manual document retrieval, it significantly reduces the risk of misfiled documents and other errors that cause delays and compromise customer satisfaction. And it gives you an affordable way to migrate to electronic document exchange, which reduces reliance on other convectional data storage mechanisms.


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Key Features of the Program

Raised awareness about the presentation of digital information
Clarification of the issues that cause digital resources to be inherently impermanent
A roadmap to the emerging solutions in electronic archiving.
Discussing of practical recommendations to avoid the "technological quicksand"
Information and tools to keep in touch on this issue.


Who should do this course?

Records and Archival Officers

Administrative Officers

Data Records Officers

Registry Officers

Database Managers

Executive Secretaries




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