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2KO Africa offers various banking courses in Cape Town, as full time classes. The perception of risk management is fundamentally changing within today's institutions. It is no longer seen purely as a control mechanism - but as a critical input into the basic business question: am I earning enough revenue out of this transaction to compensate me for the additional risks I am taking on? Every transaction needs to be assessed in terms of the increase in risk to the institution, with the assurance that the pricing of that transaction will generate a suitable return. Such a risk culture is reinforced by the new Basel Accord, due to be implemented in many countries by the end of the decade. This requires the banks to allocate regulatory capital against the major components of risk, using either regulatory or, more likely, internal models.


This 2 week training program is designed to provide you with a high-level overview of modern risk management, including a breakdown of the new Accord and a comparison with the old one. This will then be followed by an in-depth examination of the techniques and management structures used to assess and control risk, including a detailed discussion on the implementation of value-at-risk, which is becoming the de-facto standard for measuring risk across all the major classes-market, credit and operational.


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In the current economic downturn, many financial institutions have lost large amounts of money and have needed to be assisted by governments. This course will address the critical question of, was this a failure of risk management, and if so why?


Key Features of the Program

Why risk management has become so crucial to financial institutions
What decisions you need to make when implementing the new Accord and in what time frame
The level of economic capital required to underpin any transaction
What are the competing internal approaches to the measurement of credit risk
What methodologies for operational risk measurement are becoming industry-standard
Does modelling work: how to mitigate the really big events that may bring you down


Who Should Attend this Course?

Heads of Risk Management
Risk Analysts
Heads of Project Finance
Financial Analysts
Portfolio Managers
Treasury Managers
Credit Managers
Rating Agency Analysts





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