Principles Of Banking And Finance

Principles of Banking and Finance Courses in South Africa

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The specific aims of this course are to:

  • Provide institutional features of financial systems.

  • Identify key issues and problems arising in banking and finance.

  • Introduce the key economic concepts required to analyse these key issues and problems.

  • Illustrate how these economic principles can be applied to address the key issues identified.\

  • Show how the institutional features address the key issues identified



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Key Features of the Program

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss why financial systems exist, and how they are structured

  • Explain why the relative importance of financial intermediaries and financial markets is different around the world, and how bank-based systems differ from market-based systems

  • Understand why financial intermediaries exist, and discuss the role of transaction costs and information asymmetry theories in providing an economic justification

  • Explain why banks need regulation, and illustrate the key reasons for and against the regulation of banking systems

  • Discuss the main types of risks faced by banks, and use the main techniques employed by banks to manage their risks

  • Explain how to value real assets and financial assets, and use the key capital budgeting techniques (net present value and internal rate or return)

  • Explain how to value financial assets (bonds and stocks)

  • Understand how risk affects the return of a risky asset, and hence how risk affects the value of the asset in equilibrium under the fundamental asset pricing paradigms (capital asset pricing model and asset pricing theory)

  • Discuss whether stock prices reflect all available information, and evaluate the empirical evidence on informational efficiency in financial markets.


Who Should Attend this Course?

Anyone with an interest in Banking
An employed person wishing to enhance, develop or formalise his / her skills and knowledge with a qualification in this area.




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