Food Security Policies Formulation And Implementation

Food Security Policies Formulation And Implementation

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Course Overview

Community food security is the condition which exists when all of the members of a community have access in close proximity; to adequate amounts of nutritious, culturally appropriate food at all times, from sources that are environmentally sound and just. Food security policies are developed to nurture the development of a food secure state in which all of its citizens are hunger-free, healthy and benefit from the food systems that impact their lives. The policies also affirms the commitment to supporting sustainable food systems that provide people with high quality food, employment, and that also contribute to the long-term well-being of the environment.


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Program Key Features

Understand the need for policies aiming at improving food security.
Know the main features of food security policies.
Understand the role and functions of the relevant stakeholders in food security policy formulation and implementation.
Define the purpose of a monitoring and evaluation system for food security policies and identify the approaches and methods to be applied.
Describe the sequence of steps to be performed in the process of FSP formulation and implementation.
Understand FSPs as link between food security information and actions aimed at improving the food security situation.
Relate Food Security Policies (FSPs) to a framework for action to combat hunger and alleviate food insecurity in a country


Who Should Attend
This course is intended for audiences working in governments, funding agencies, and research and development facilitating non-government and Civil society organizations. It is also suitable for business owners and representatives from organizations that support extension services and/or seek to enable an environment in which businesses can flourish.