Agriculture Best Extension Practices

Agriculture Best Extension Practices

2KO Africa offers onsite training in Agriculture Best Extension Practices anywhere in Africa.


Course Overview

The agriculture best extension practices course offers an opportunity for farmers to improve the productivity and sustainabilityof their operations. This course will give insights into extension approaches, models and methods; organise farmer field days; advocate agriculture extension on the local political level; engage in private sector and understand market demands, etc. The Course is based on the blended learning approach combining presentations, practical exercises, web based tutorials and group work.


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Program Key Features

  • Agriculture

  • Ecology

  • Food security

  • Land degradation and restoration

  • Land management

  • Water management


Who Should Attend
This course is intended for audiences working in governments, funding agencies, and research and development facilitating non-government and Civil society organizations. It is also suitable for business owners and representatives from organizations that support extension services and/or seek to enable an environment in which businesses can flourish