Agricultural Extension & Rural Communications

Agricultural Project Planning And Management In Developing Countries

2KO Africa offers onsite training in Agricultural Project Planning And Management In Developing Countries anywhere in Africa.


Course Overview

  • Identify and explain key points in agricultural project planning.

  • Demonstrate tools useful for agricultural project planning.

  • Introduce central issues and principles of managing agricultural projects and programmes in the rural developing world, and in particular to demonstrate the perspectives of the contingency school of management.

  • Make participants aware of the skills involved in managing some typical procedures, in particular those of budgeting and procurement.


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Program Key Features

  • The project planning cycle and issues arising in project identification;

  • The use of the 'logical framework' project planning tool;

  • Scheduling; The basics of monitoring and evaluation.

  • That managing projects in rural areas of developing countries may call for different management approaches than those used by managers in large businesses or in mainstream public administration;

  • How organisations function;

  • The nature of budgeting systems; and,

  • How to operate tender procedures.

  • Appreciate the environment in which agricultural development projects are implemented in developing countries and the constraints and challenges that project managers are likely to face in such situations.

  • Apply the various management tools and techniques introduced in the module to practical real life situations through case studies.


Who Should Attend
The course is designed for:

  • Executives in Funding Agencies dealing with appraisal and monitoring of projects in agriculture sector

  • Government organizations responsible for managing the large and medium sized agricultural projects

  • Management Staff

  • Managers in general;

  • NGOs Officers involved in Agricultural Projects